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In 2014 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dylan Thomas by following 'Dylan's Trail' for our visitors with an interest in the life, loves and words of the "greatest poet of the 20th century" as we travelled through Wales.

The theme is informal and relaxed, highlighting Dylan's involvement with many of the places that we regularly visit;

Swansea - his "Lovely, Ugly town" and the place of his birth;

Laugharne - where he lived with his family in his "House on stilts", and

New Quay - where he, his wife and children, nearly met their end at the hands of the husband of one of Dylan's former lovers.

If you would like more of a focus on Dylan's places during your time with us, just let us know.



In 2015 we marked the 600th anniversary of the death of Wales' iconic national hero Owain Glyndwr (pronounced Owen Glendower in English), leader of the last rebellion against English rule in the early fifteenth century.

Many monuments and works of reference place this enigmatic figure's birth as 1349, 1354/55 and 1359, and his death as circa 1415/16

Mentioned in Shakespeare and feared as a "magician" by the soldiers of Henry IV, the English were swept away before the advancing Welsh army, driven by their fierce patriotism and their faith in their charismatic prince.

After a bitter campaign that began in 1401, that shook the might of the English crown, Glyndwr disappeard from history c 1412.

In keeping with the mystique surrounding the last native 'Prince of Wales', nobody can be certain why he disappeared, how he met his fate, or where he was laid to rest.
It is perhaps ironic that in the supposed year of his passing, 500 of Owain's countrymen, the finest long bowmen on Earth, left Wales to serve an English king born in their own dear land, and earned their place in history on the 25th October 1415 near a French village called Agincourt.

Again, our schedule takes us to locations associated with Owain Glyndwr, the site of his 1404 Parliament and his captured English fortress at Harlech, but if you would like more tour time devoted to the man who stands with the legendary Robin of Loxley, or Robin of The Hood, and William Wallace of Scotland as towering British heroes, we can arrange this.



2015 celebrated 150 years since the first publication of Alice In Wonderland.

We always visit Llandudno as part of our ' North'  and 'All' Wales itineraries, and this year Welsh Dragon Tours invite you to join us on a magical tour of the charming 'Queen of the Welsh Resorts' where Charles Ludwidge Dodgson, AKA Lewis Carroll first met Alice Liddell and invented, to the delight of Alice and her sisters, the characters that have become famous throughout the World.

Using Simon Hedger's wonderful and unique carved statues of The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts and of course Alice and The White Rabbit as our 'milestones' and 'bookmarks', we offer a special tour of Llandudno focusing on the connection with the origins of Carroll's tales and the Liddell family's love affair with the North Wales seaside.

The tour takes approximately two hours, thirty minutes, so whether you are already enjoying a multi-day tour with us, or would like to join us for the 'Alice Trail' only, if you are travelling independently and staying in the area of Llandudno, email us on
info@welshdragontours.com or call us on +44 (0)7733 780795.


2015 also saw the 150 year anniversary of the sailing of Mimosa from Liverpool with Welsh settlers to Argentina.  The descendants of these settlers still speak Welsh in the Chubut Province in Patagonia where they carried on their Welsh way of life with chapels and choirs.

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