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A BACKGROUND TO WALES  ... Factoid for 2018 : To date, no less than 126 coal miners have graced the World stage of Rugby Union, playing in the famous red jersey of Wales .


Wales is one of the * seven recognized Celtic Nations, the others being Scotland (UK) , Ireland, Cornwall (UK), Britanny (France), the Isle of Man (UK) and Galicia (Spain). *Asturias in North West Spain often lays claim to being the eighth (endorsed by many), and claims to be the first tribe to have confronted, and stemmed, the advance of Roman invasion by land and sea between 19-29BC.

It is generally acknowledged that the Welsh People are direct descendants of the Brythonic (or British) Celtic race. Their language is unique and still the most widely spoken in The Celtic World.

Wales is home to the most spectacular and varied scenery in Britain, from the green valleys of the Rhondda in The South, where the finest coal was mined, and fuelled the World, to the mystic mountains of Snowdonia, where slate was King and, and as they say in the North, "Roofed the World".

Wherever you go in Wales, the greatest of voices sing the songs, hymns and anthems, and speak the poetry and prose that is legendary.


Following the departure of Roman rule, "Britannia" slipped into what is historically known as The Dark Ages, when little was recorded during the earliest part of the period, notably the late 4th to the mid 5th /early 6th century. During this period, as the Saxons pressed their boundaries from the South and East,  the Irish raiders from the West, and the Caledonian tribes from the North, legend has it that a Romano/Celtic leader emerged, a man of nobility, education, intellect, and military training, hailing from an area of "old" West Wales (Now Cornwall), whose name was Arthnou (sometimes Artro. These are the old Celtic spellings),or as it translated over time, Arthur. He took the bear as his battle symbol, and with his inspired use of a fast moving military force, he secured the borders of what is now known as Wales, a name derived from the frustrated application of the Saxon word Waelsa, meaning "Foreigner"  (The Saxons could not penetrate and conquer "The Land of The Brothers Gathered Together"), or in the old Celtic, surviving today as a nationality and language, The Cymraeg, or the people of Cymru. It is probably no accident that the county name of Cumbria, now the English Lake District, has a distinct Celtic ring to it. The area was once a Celtic kingdom in ancient times, ruled over by a lord with a very Welsh name, Hen Coel, or Old Cole ... The Old King Cole of the nursery rhyme. Many Welshmen still refer to The Lake District as "The Old North". What is known of the background of Arhur has been taken from the the writing of Gildas, the Annales Cambiae, and the Historia Brittonum.

Later, French, Welsh and English romantic writers, including Christen de Troyes, Geraldus Cambrensis, Geoffrey of Monmouth and Sir Thomas Mallory, not to mention more recently T. H . White, Lerner and Lowe, and Walt Disney, have used and modified the reality into a legend, but such concensus as there is establishes Arthur as the most famous and, albeit for a relatively short period, the most successful champion and military leader of the British in the post Roman period.

In the past, Wales was a principality, has never been a single kingdom with a single ruling monarchy, as in the case of England and Scotland.

However, the Princes of Gwynedd, Llywelyn The Great, his grandson Llywelyn II, and their successor by claim, Owain Glyndwr, are recognised as those who unified the nation against English expansion and rule.

As well as the natural resources of Coal and Slate, Wales traditionally produced Copper, Gold, Silver and Tin.  In fact, Welsh Gold is the rarest with its pink colouration and is still held in quantities, on bond for the production of the Wedding Rings for the Royal Family; the most recent recipient being Kate Middleton now the Duchess of Cambridge, who will - one day - become the Princess of Wales when Prince Charles - the present Prince of Wales - ascends to the Throne.

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